Chartered Financial Analyst

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) credential is held by over 150,000 professionals around the world. The charter gives a strong understanding of advanced investment analysis and real-world portfolio management skills.

It is a professional credential offered by CFA Institute to investment and financial professionals. The CFA Program has three different levels and the minimum time required to clear all three is around 2 and a half years.

CFA charter membership requires 48 months of acceptable professional work experience and passing all three level exams. It is the highest distinction in the investment management profession. There are approximately 132,000 charterholders around the world.

CFA Program

Level I CFA

Introduces various topics likes equity, derivatives etc. which are eventually used for creating portfolios. Level I CFA exam is offered in June and December. It has 240 MCQs (120 questions each in the morning and afternoon sessions, in two 3 hours sessions).

Level II CFA

Emphasizes on application of various tools like quantitative analysis, portfolio analysis for doing asset valuation. Level II CFA exam is offered in June and has 120 MCQs (20 caselets with six questions each).


Focuses on portfolio management and different strategies for creating specific portfolios for individuals and institutions. Level III CFA exam is offered in June and has Essay type questions and MCQs.

On the multiple-choice/item set sections, there is no penalty for wrong answers.

For the test, only two models of calculator are allowed (the Hewlett Packard 12C including the HP 12C Platinum), and the Texas Instruments BA II Plus (including the BA II Plus Professional).

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program is a professional credential offered internationally by the American-based CFA Institute.

The program covers a broad range of topics relating to investment management, financial analysis, stocks, bonds and derivatives, and provides a generalist knowledge of other areas of finance.


A CFA charterholder is recognized as the one of the highest professional qualification in the field of finance around the world.

Normally, CFA charters are paid between $100,000 – $50,000 in international market, where as in India average salary is between INR 800,000 to INR 2,000,000.

CFA Program recognizes a wide range of study areas and thus earning it a professional can display his or her own expertise on the same. Scope of CFA covers various sectors and most prominently, banks, industries, finance markets and technology sector. All these industries value the finance sector within their business and consider CFA certification as a valid credential to demonstrate one’s skills on the same.

Career Opportunities

Investment Banks

Commercial Banks

Asset Management Firms

Insurance Companies

Securities Regulator

Hedge Funds

Financial Institute


Credit Rating Firms

Organizations like JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citibank may also sponsor fees for their employees pursuing CFA.

CFA Member Profiles

Portfolio Manager

Research Analyst

Corporate Financial Analyst

Financial Advisor

Risk Manager

Investment Banking Analyst


Exam Structure

Topic Area Level I Level II Level III
Ethical and Professional Standards 15 10-15 10-15
Quantitative Methods 12 5-10 0
Economics 10 5-10 5-15
Financial Reporting and Analysis 20 15-20 0
Corporate Finance 7 5-15 0
Equity Investments 10 15-25 5-15
Fixed Income 10 10-20 10-20
Derivatives 5 5-15 5-15
Alternative Investments 4 5-10 5-15
Portfolio Management 7 5-10 40-55
Total 100 100 100

Fee Structure for Dec 2018 Exams

14th Mar 2018

Examination Fee $650

15th Aug 2018

Examination Fee $950

12th Sept 2018

Examination Fee $1,380

Registration Fees $450 (One Time Charge)

Study Material Fees - INR 26,999 inclusive of taxes

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